2023 HAS V4.2 stock

I have got several HAS units and accessories in stock, all assembled and ready to be shipped. There will be a longer break after this batch is sold.

As usual, use the ORDER FORM, and I will contact you via email within a couple of days.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

PS Please check your spam folder if you don’t hear back after filling out the form, Gmail often marks my emails as spam.

HAS pre-orders are open!

You can now pre-order your HAS unit and accessories. This is the very last batch and I have no plans to re-stock on the HAS units anytime soon. This time I managed to produce the 3/4 Player harnesses for the CPS2 and Konami boards, but the quantity is limited. Thank you for your continued support, it really means a lot!


Prices were changed from EURO to USD.

Pre-order confirmation email

Today (10.06.2022) I sent out confirmation e-mails to all people who were on the pre-order list. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received my email. Thanks!

HAS V4.2 pre-orders open!

You can now pre-order your HAS unit and accessories. The pre-orders will be closed until my “manageable quantity” is reached and open again when I deal with the current pre-orders. Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot!


There’s a change in the V4.2 firmware, I’ve added a pretty accurate asynchronous rapid-fire mode.

Asynchronous rapid-fire mode

Press and hold down the Player 1 START button for 3 or more seconds while powering on the HAS. After 3 seconds the status LEDs will blink rapidly as a confirmation that the asynchronous rapid-fire is active. You can release the START button.
In the asynchronous mode, you enter the rapid-fire configuration mode as usual, but the button presses will correspond to the following rapid-fire rate:

– 1 press ~ 30Hz
– 2 presses ~ 20Hz
– 3 presses ~ 15Hz
– 4 presses ~ 12Hz
– 5 presses ~ 10Hz
– 6 presses ~ 7.5Hz

UPDATE: Pre-orders closed. Within the next few days, I’ll start contacting people who got on the list. Thanks!

2022 HAS V4.2 batch!

First post this year, and it’s good news. I managed to secure crucial HAS components in the last few months, which allows me to make another HAS batch. The first pre-order will be open this Sunday (10.04.2022). I plan to open the next pre-orders in “waves” every few weeks or so since it will be easier for me to take care of the logistics. I’ve got a handful of units ready to go, so expect to hear from me very soon after placing your pre-order. Thanks!

Another HAS V4.1 wave

Way overdue, but better late than never, right? Another HAS batch is available for order. The S-Video/Composite Video adapters and Scart cables are low in stock, please keep this in mind when you place your order. Thank you for your continued support!