CPS2 I/O Interface is a simple adapter that plugs in directly to the CPS2 motherboard and allows you to power the CPS2 using a standard ATX power supply, and to connect the NeoGeo compatible controllers. The CPS2 I/O interface is designed to be used with the upcoming CPS2 digital AV interface, which empowers the CPS2 with a true HDMI output.​


  • ​ATX power supply connector with on/off switch
  • Alternative 6pin VH power supply connector to connect a real arcade power supply (it’s compatible with the HAS power harness)
  • DB15 controller ports (NeoGeo compatible, extended to support buttons 5 and 6; compatible with the UD-USB, which I strongly recommend to buy)
  • Test, Service and Volume UP/DOWN buttons (Volume UP/DOWN buttons are needed to control the CPS2 digital AV interface)
  • Buttons 1-4 on the JAMMA connector (button 4 can be disabled using a switch; it’s necessary to disable button 4 for certain fighting games)​
  • Buttons 4-6 on the “kick harness” connector​

The PCB project with the list of parts is available for free here.​​​

I ended up with a few spare ones, fully assembled, you can buy them here.


CPS2 motherboard with the CPS2 digital AV interface installed: